A peak inside my brain you ask? Reader, beware...

Enabling dark mode

4th Jan, 2023

Ever thought "ewww this site is so bright?!" and then searched for the "dark mode" button? I'm one of those people too, and despite my love of bright blocks of colour I decided that implementing a dark mode switch would be a good idea.

Additionally, I hate it when things default to light mode, even though my machine is set to dark mode! So in this little guide, I'll walk you through how I implemented a machine-aware dark mode for this site.

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Deploying to Firebase Preview Channels using CircleCI and GitHub

2nd Jan, 2023

If you use Firebase to host your website, you may have seen the new Preview Channels functionality has entered Beta and wondered - what on earth is that?

I've recently been using Renovate to automatically handle dependency updates, and wanted a way to preview the automatically proposed changes without having to merge into staging and do that dance. Preview channels to the rescue!

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Webmentions are Fun

21st Mar, 2021

Ever wondered if there's some way to let people know you think their web article/content is great, but also wanted it to be automated and snazzy?

Enter Webmentions, the cool little system to notify (and receive notifications about) people you liked/reposted/commented on their stuff! You can even hook it up to Twitter, and it's completely agnostic of whatever system you use to publish your little corner of the web.

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Stop Blaming Slack

16th Aug, 2020

These unprecedented times have caused many companies to shift to or expand their usage of communication technologies, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. With this expansion have come teething issues - as would be expected.

What I didn't expect though is the number of articles decrying Slack specifically as mostly a terrible thing, and that it "has made work more taxing". To those writing these articles: stop blaming Slack.

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Talk To Your Engineers

4th Jul, 2020

We've all been there - the sales person says "Hey everyone, I've just got us a new project!". At this point all the engineers look at each other, and realise that none of them have been spoken to regarding the project.

As one, they exclaim the hallowed word, echoed throughout time - "Fuck.".

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